Otherside Irrigation Services In Rapid City MI

Lawn Irrigation System

Healthier Softer Rapid City Lawns

 A healthier lawn requires experienced professionals like the ones at Otherside Irrigation in Rapid City Michigan.

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Rapid City Michigan Irrigation Services

We have provided over 20 years of quality irrigation installation and maintenance services in Rapid City and the surrounding areas of Northern Michigan.

Irrigation System Maintenance & Repair

Winters in Rapid City can be hard on Irrigation / sprinkler systems.

Let’s keep your irrigation/sprinkler systems running smoothly with proper maintenance and winterizing.

Lawn Care Services In Rapid City

Our lawn care services in Rapid City Michigan include but are not limited to the following. Sod laying, Hydro seeding, sprinkler system installation, sprinkler system repair, winterizing and large scale irrigation system around Rapid City.